We make fine Hawkens in halfstock Perc. and fullstocks in Flint. Cal 50. 54

and 58. Match grade barrels 34” and 36” long. Fine made maple stocks.

Hand oil finish, like our guns! Patent breeches and hooked barrels. Engrav-

ing on furniture and lock. All parts han polished like all our guns, special

hardened(nitraded) and absolutly rustfree like stainless steel. Barrels browned.

Very fine tuned locks and triggers. All Hawkens are sighted in and come with

the target and all informations.


Hawken Luxus

Halfstock Hawken, Perc. Cal. 50, 54 and58

Original Hawken engraving on all furniture,

breech and lock. Highly polished,

special hardend and absolute rustfree.

S. Hawken St. Lois engraved on Barrel.

S. Hawken engraved on lock plate.

Maple stock. Barrel brown


Hawken Luxus Fullstock

Perc. with patent breech. Hooked barrel

with 3 keys. Cal. 50, 54 and 58.

Original Hawken engraving on all furni-

ture, breech and lock. Highly polished,

special hardened and absolute rust free.

Barrel brown. Maple stock.

J.&S. Hawken engraved on barrel and lock


Hawken Luxus Fullstock Flint


Hawken Luxus Fullstock Flint Lefthanded