We are a custom shop who makes muzzleloader guns since 25 years. Guns are made with the shooter in mind but also pieces of art, with best materials and workmanship. I have won 12 woridchampionships, many germanchampion- ships, a great number of medals and records at Friend-ship with the american championships. Also this knowledge about muzzleloader competition guns is putted in our custom guns and an extra bonus to our customers. Our slogan is: "BEST OF THE FINEST" We produce top quality in the old german tradition. Best materials are used. All furniture in steel, also lock plates and hammers, breech- plugs, triggers, are polished and in a special hardening process nitrated and herewith absolutly rustfree like stainless steel. Also all screws undergo this same process. All lock and triggerparts are bright polished by hand so they work like a swiss watch! Stocks have oil Finish made by hand. Every gun is shoot and sighted in and with the gun gos the target with all informations about ball, powder, patch, or bullet. Ifyou want a masterpiece you can be proud offor a life-time and give it s a family piece to the next generations, you can contact me and I will do it for you.

with powder and lead

elmut Mohr