This type of gun is one of our Specialitys. Made in the homeland of Germany, our Jäger-rifles are the best money can buy.

Every gun is a piece of it`s own. Cal. 45, 50, 54 and 58. Match grade barrels. Stocks in walnut and maple. Engraving, carving, silver wire inlays, gold inlays to customer specifications. Range from plain gun to presentatin grade.

All steel furniture, lock plates, hammers, screws breechplugs, handpolished and special hardend (nitrated) and absolutly rustfree like stainless steel. Barrels browned. Rear sight with leaf and with the front sight blued. Wooden sliding patchbox. Sling swivels and fine leather sling. If brass furniture is ordered, it is always gold plated like the best german Jägers where made. All rifles are sighted in and come with the target and all informations. Lock and trigger is fine tuned and we guarantee fast and sure ignition from shoot to shoot.

I have won in Friendship the offhand Championship and many medals with my personelly Jaeger and if you want a fine flint rifle that is a piece of art and top shooter this is your rifle.



Jäger Flint Lock Rifle

Cal. 50, 54 and 58

Maple stock

Barrel brown

All steel furniture, lock, breechplug, fine polished

and hand engraved. Hardend in a special prozess

like all our guns and absolut rustfree.

Stock with carving, wooden sliding patchbox.

Sling swivels