Fine German Schützen-rifle for the offhand Target shooter. Barrels for round ball or bullet, also false muzzle available. Barrels are fluted for beauty and fine balance. Roller lock, all steel furniture, triggers, lock plate, hammer, screws, breech plugs, polished and special hardend and absultly rust free like stainles steel. All lock and triggerparts handpolished. Sights are milled polished and blued, also the barrel is polished to a mirror like finish and blued. Lockplate and hammer is hand engraved. Stocks in fine maple or walnut. Extra fine engraving, gold inlays, extra fancy wood, carved walnut Stocks with german hunting or shooting scenesare available as an Option. Every gun is sighted in and come with a palm rest. Bullet molds for the bullet barrels are available. If you are looking for a Schützen that will put you under the winners with a top notch accuracy, this is your gun.



Schützen Rifle


Target offhand rifle with palm rest, hook butcup,

peep sight and shaded front sight.Stocks in maple

and walnut.All steelparts hardend and polished

including all lock and trigger parts. Hand engraved

lock plate and hammer.Match barrels for round ball

or Maxi-Ball

-Extra cost for Chrom-Moly steel barrel Cal. 45 Maxi-Ball

-Extra cost for Chrom-Moly steel barrel Cal. 45 and

Cal.48 with "False muzzle"

All barrels fluted and with fine polished high

lustre blueing.


Extra cost for Birds-Eye-Maple stock 

Luxus Schützen-Rifle with extra engraving and

Gold Inlays on barrels are possible. Extra cost

Will be given after customers wishes